Friday, December 24, 2004

BC Ferries new ships - Another betrayal of British Columbians?

The new BC Ferries to be built will send about 500 MILLION dollars out of BC and Canada. What did we expect from the "Hate BC" Liberals? Everything they do points out their disgust for British Columbians. Everything they do puts foreigners ahead of YOU and your interests. This is simply hard to understand.
Sure sure, retaliate with the 'Fast Ferries Fiasco' of the former NDP government. That cost about 400 million. But THAT 400 million was earned by British Columbians and SPENT in BC by those workers! THIS 500 million is going to Germany. And did you know? The German company is making its workers work 88 HOURS EACH YEAR FOR FREE!!!!! Part of their deal to get the contract.
And the American CEO of BC Ferries is petitioning the federal government to drop the 25% duties required for out of country constructed ships!
Even the former Premier of the province is disgusted, "I just can't believe what is happening, " Bill Vander Zalm said recently, "These are jobs that must be kept in the province. It's $500 million going abroad. It's losing the tax benefits that come from industry, from the workers when they're employed." For your info, Bill Vander Zalm led a Social Credit government of BC which was ideologically opposed to the NDP party. You could fill pages with comments from unionists about how disastrous this is for BC and Canada. However, this is NOT a union issue, it is about respect for British Columbia expertise, abilities and competance. We HAVE all that. What we don't have is a government that believes in us.

The German company with the contract, Flensburger, once built U-boats during the Second World War. Of course, that'll be reassuring to us BCers if they sink.

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