Tuesday, April 24, 2007

BC Hydro and Private power

My scenario - - -
Government Guy - "So here's the deal, guys; We give you the right to produce private hydro power in British Columbia, and you make billions after your original contract expires."
Private Corporation Guy - "You're saying we can build private dams on your public rivers?"
Gov'ment Guy - "That's it, you build, then you sell the power to our old BC Hydro first, for a while, but then you end up selling it to power hungry Americans. "
Private Guy - "And we have free range to do that?"
Gov'ment Guy - "So it's a global thing. That's what we tell the public anyway. And we're keeping our promise not to touch BC Hydro, who everyone used to trust, we're just bypassing them."
Private Guy - "Sneaky. So what about these NDP people? They're always screaming, aren't they?"
Gov'ment Guy- "I don't hear anything."
Private Guy - "You won't be interfering with our profits?"
Gov'ment Guy - "Pshaw, nooo, we won't have any say in it. It'll all be in your contract."
Private Guy - "And the people of BC won't see this? That they'll be paying more because Las Vegas wants more lights?"
Gov'ment Guy - "No, it's all part of our private public partnerships. P3s we call them, to obfuscate what we're really doing. We use them a lot, it's how we sold off the BC people's railroad too. BC Rail. And other stuff. Like the gas industry that used to be called BC Gas. You change the name first and the people forget they actually used to own it."
Private Guy - "Ha ha, so, you CAN fool all of the people all of the time."
Gov'ment Guy - "Ha ha, Lincoln's wrong, look at his gas guzzler cars!"
Private Guy - "So where do we sign?"
Gov'ment Guy - "We told you the whole deal, right? You know the stuff we need. Can't write it down of course. We're being watched by the RCMP right now."
Private Guy - "Sure. Where do you want us to set up your secret bank accounts? Bahamas? Switzerland? Pakistan?"
Gov'ment Guy - "We'll let you know exactly. There's a lot of us involved in this. The boss gets first divvies. When the money goes into our accounts, you get the contracts."
Private Guy - "Sheeze, this is how we deal in South America and Russia. A little cash spread around in the right places."
Gov'ment Guy - Deal?"
Private Guy - "Heh heh. Deal."
Gov'ment Guy - "Done."

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  1. Anonymous4:01 pm

    It's just so friggin' likely though, isn't it? Like we are a backward country and can't see what these corrupt jerks are doing and nobody is listening anyway.
    I hope they decide to pick right next time, but it's already too late to save this province for its own people!

  2. Anonymous9:10 pm

    come on you really think they are taking money from corporations?

  3. Anonymous3:40 pm

    it should be obvious to anyone with half a fuckin brain that Campbell and his asshole government are on the take. Why would anyone think otherwise?


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