Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Passports of convenience

A Somali woman who is also a Canadian was stranded in Kenya. Recently two Asian "journalists" who were also American citizens were imprisoned in North Korea for violating the border. A Canadian woman activist of Iranian birth was imprisoned in Iran. Many Canadians of Lebanese descent had to be airlifted out of Lebanon when trouble blew up there.
All were super critical of the Canadian government for not working more swiftly to save them from harm.
The problem, of course, is that these 'Nationals' are carrying passports which mean nothing to them except an escape vehicle if things get scary in their own country. I know, I know, their own country is now Canada or America, but many of these landed immigrants have only applied for citizenship and a passport in order to hold the escape documents. They arrive in Canada, get the proper papers, and high tail it right back to wherever they are from!
In the case of the Asian Americans, right back to the North Korean border to pursue stories to discredit the leader. In the case of the Canadian Lebanese, right back to their businesses. One case had only spent a few months in Canada in the ten years since he received his citizenship and passport. The Iranian Canadian woman was known as an activist in Iran.
These people seem to have little interest in their chosen countries, even assuming they pledged some kind of allegience to our flags.
So why should our Canadian Government spend thousands of taxpayers dollars rescuing these 'foreigners' when their intent seems to be to make trouble in their former countries?
I believe that in the 'old' days, one had to apply for Canadian citizenship, remain in our country for five years without incident and show that you were here to become part of the greatest country in the world. THEN you got your citizenship.
There is nothing wrong with having rules and requirements. If you want to be Canadian, hang out here and help build the country and don't expect us to come rescue you when you go back to wherever to rabble rouse.
It is a priviledge to be an American or Canadian, not a right just because you got here somehow.

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