Friday, August 14, 2009

Do It Yourself Doctoring

It's coming folks. Huge cuts in hospital staff and access. Doctors moving to the clinic format, no longer having regular patients. Budgets being curtailed. No more elective surgeries.
All designed, some people think, to drive you to the for-profit private clinics that Gordon Campbell has allowed to undermine our own health care system.
So will it result in a Do It Yourself health care explosion?
There are now DIY dentistry kits where you can get the stuff needed to replace the filling you swallowed. You already know what your dentist does to fix a cavity. He drills around in there to clean it up, then mixes the amalgam and fills the hole and polishes it up. So why can't you do the same thing? With the kits, you can. Pliers included please.
Sure it's temporary they say, but if the dentist charges you $800 dollars to fix it, and the kits are only $23 dollars, you can temp it 34 TIMES yourself! Even at a six month replacement schedule that equals 17 YEARS without you spending those big bucks.
So why couldn't you do other stuff yourself too? People have been delivering their own babies for centuries. Someone just needs to write a detailed manual on certain procedures. Step by step instructions on appendix removal, tonsil removal, hip and knee replacement, vaccinations, if you show me where the arteries are I could clean them out too. Stitches? No sweat, I can tie a double half granny knot. Criminals in Asia are already stealing kidneys from tourists so that can't be too hard. How many volunteers would step up for breast implants? Colonoscopy? Rent a fibreoptics tube, only $10 for the weekend, check out your friends too. The DIY hemorrhoid kit might be a slow seller.
Even mental health issues can be resolved at home. In the years past ancient people solved the problem of evil spirits in the head by actually chipping a hole in your skull with an eolith, a flintstone axe, to let the malevolent demons out!It's called trephining. And there's evidence the crazy persons survived! And we have way sharper axes today.
Sure, real doctors spend years learning, but you only need to fix the single thing that's bugging you. A DIY kit could help you to do it.
So, there are hundreds of procedures we could do ourselves. How hard can it be? We only need a DIY Doctor Store, kits for everything, instructions on CD.
Gaul bladder removal - Hospitable price, $30,000. Ops-R-Us price - On Sale, $49.95. Biteable bullet and whiskey included,

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