Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Immigrants - Canada - USA

The US is in a huge flap right now over the illegal immigrant population, which if you listen to the expanding spin, must equal about 100 million by now. America is heading toward building that concrete wall along their border with Mexico. And we assume with Canada as well. They don't know the difference between Canadians and Mexicans. Mexicans desperately want to get into the States. Canadians don't.
Meanwhile, our own Immigration Department continues to deport illegals by herding them onto planes and flying them out. They've done it to Russians and Poles. The most recent are the Portugese.
"We have an obligation to the hundreds of thousands of people who play by the rules," said Immigration and Citizenship Minister Monte Solberg. (I wonder why they don't herd the foreign criminals into planes and fly THEM out?)
The rules of course, don't consider that these Russians, Poles and Portugese are 'work ethic' people who will happily contribute to Canada. The rules of course, also don't consider the hundreds of thousands of Asians who buy their way into Canada to escape something in their own countries, and only contribute to their 'closed' Asian communities in large cities, and have little interest in becoming real Canadians.
Fortress America is under way, let's hope it doesn't become Fortress NORTH America. But with Harper about to suck up to Dubya, anything is possible.

UPDATE: Immigration Canada has said that upwards of 4,000 criminals have been targetted for deportation in Canada but they don't know where they are!


  1. Anonymous12:15 pm

    That would be to logical to let hard working people stay in Canada, then there would not be room for all the criminals who sell dope to all our young children.

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  3. Anonymous7:55 am

    there are 40,000! FORTY THOUSAND people illegals in Canada now and no one knows where they are either!


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