Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Telemarketers - how to win

You can now go to a certain website or call Bell Canada to register your phone number on a 'do not call' list. This is a measure taken by the CRTC because of the huge increase in bothersome calls, mostly at dinnertime. However, many organizations will be exempted under the new rules. Charities, political parties, polling firms and newspapers can continue to make unsolicited phone calls. This is no fun.
And how many people will actually add themselves to that list?
Telemarketers wouldn't call anyone unless it was profitable. People actually stay on line with them and buy the product! I suspect it is lonely 80 years olds who have no one to talk to.
But would telemarketers continue to make thousands of calls per day if you bought the product but didn't pay for it? If everyone did that they couldn't possibly sue us all.
And don't forget that they are calling YOU, interrupting YOUR privacy, and you are not obligated to tell them the truth about anything. Including where you live. So just buy the product on COD and have it sent somewhere else! Maybe to a law firm downtown, lawyers can look after themselves. Maybe you gave a wrong credit card number? That's just human error. MISinformation to them but DISinformation for you.
ou might want to lie to pollsters too. As a matter of fact, if everyone did, polls would soon become so unreliable they would be of no use to the polling interests. And no use to call you to ask your opinion at supper time! Political parties are especially good to lie to. Just tell whoever calls that you'll vote for them. You already KNOW that whoever gets into government WILL lie to you.
If everyone always lied all the time ... silence for dinner.
You can have your number taken off the list, but you'll be missing out on the fun of lying if you do. Answer the phone.
My number is 555-IM1-RU12.

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