Friday, March 21, 2008

Are they serious yet?

Nope, not really.
It starts in local areas where the politicians want the people to believe they are actually doing something about the world's problems. In Vancouver, it is things like Air Care. They expect all us car owners to monitor our emissions to save the world while exempting truck fleets. Why? Because truck fleets are "business" and business takes precedence over clean air. Across North America they have coal fired energy plants endlessly pumping hydrocarbons into the sky while politicos scold us for not doing enough.
They're not serious yet.
Judges constantly protect the worst criminals in Canada from being punished while the public and the victims of crime cry out in frustration. No one has the guts to put the dangerous perps out of harms way for the protection of the law abiding citizens. They don't understand that 'cruel and unusual' punishment is killing an innocent.
They're not serious yet.
US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Prime Minister Harper criticize China over Tibet while trade missions head to Beijing to sign more deals. Don't worry about that tainted food because the Chinese don't care about OUR health regulations. Or the toxic childrens' toys. Do the peaceful people of Tibet matter in comparison to 'business'?
They're not serious yet.
Your politicians are just scamming us folks. It's all meaningless rhetoric. Until they do something that hurts so-called business they're just not serious yet.

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