Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tiger Woods and hockey

Tiger Woods says he doesn't dig hockey, especially on television. Hmmm. Is there anything more stimulating than golf on TV?

Commentator : (whispering) Tiger tees off ... straight down the old fairway.
Commentator : (whispering) Tiger choosing a nine iron ... chips it high ... rolling straight onto the old green.
Commentator : (whispering) Tiger about to putt ... drops straight into the old cup, how exciting is that, folks?
Commentator : (whispering) And now a word from old Cadillac ... now with old OnStar so they can tell you old folks who you are.

Commentator : (whispering) Tiger is accepting his new billlion dollar cheque ... straight into his old pocket.

Hmm. (whispering) Maybe old Tiger could buy himself a personality?

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous10:53 am

    Apparently he has added he doesn't like watching hockey on TV. Scared of hockey fans, Tiger?

    As I wrote in "When Silence Isn't Golden," "'Silence is sometimes the answer.'" He's definitely teed off the wrong fans.


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