Friday, June 13, 2008

Kobe Bryant NBA Idol

Kobe Bryant, 'star' player in the NBA had wonderful leadership type comments last night after a loss. He said he " had lots of wine and beer, and about 20 shots, they wet the bed and it was a big one too, not that you can put a towel over."
One wonders about all those school kids who look up to sports heroes.
But wait, it's the NBA, the Sleaze League. It seemed to start a few years ago when all those fans with hand-held TVs at the game noticed that when it was dead quiet in the actual arena, there was the frantic excitement of cheering fans on the TV broadcast and it was found that the NBA was adding their own soundtrack to make basketball seem exciting.
Sort of what professional 'wrestling' might do.
So now many referees working the NBA are under investigation for fixing games! Because the league wanted 7 game playoffs. I suppose they rig it so each team wins 3 and they toss up the last game. Sort of like today's game actually, you go down our end and shoot, we go down your end and shoot. All preprogrammed until the last minute of play. The referees making sure of it all. Sort of like NASCAR which always brings out yellow flags with 5 laps to go.
If you're not exactly a follower of the NBA, you might still recall Kobe as the central figure in a sleazy legal case when he was charged with felony sexual assault against a 19-year-old woman at an exclusive spa. The case was dissolved when the woman decided not to testify after receiving death threats. Bryant, at a news conference, insisted the act was consensual, ignoring the fact that he is married and his wife was standing beside him.
Maybe I'm getting too excited about this?
Maybe he's not influencing school children at all, maybe the young people who look up to Kobe aren't in school, they're out robbing liquor stores or wetting the bed.
Never mind.

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