Thursday, June 26, 2008

Daily Laugh item

Have you ever wondered why our Canadian justice system is so screwed up? No, you're like me, you've just come to accept it as a joke.
There's this Toronto accountant guy. He did the books for these twenty-one daycare centers. He (allegedly) stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from them when he suddenly resigned from the job leaving his wife and kids and disappearing to another country. That was two years ago. No one in our police system could find him. (We assume no one thought of checking travel agents or airline passenger lists.)
Then the CBC program The Fifth Estate somehow finds him in Africa. He's out of money. He wants to come back to Canada to face justice .....
BUT ..... you knew this was coming, right? ..... the Canadian authorities wouldn't arrest him and fly him back to Canada! So the CBC team pays for his flight back in the interests of having an exclusive story! He finally gets arrested at the airport.
I guess if he was going to be a major criminal and wanted to hide he should have just hid within Canada like all the other criminals do.
Our justice system is a never ending source for your Daily Laugh.

Please don't cry.

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