Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Political debates

I am not going to bother watching any televised debates this time.
Is there a point to them?
All the parties get together before the 'show' and agree on what questions might be asked by an empathetic reporter. The audience are all preordained. In this case in Canada, the parties and TV networks have agreed to ostracize anyone out of what they deem as THEIR mainstream. For the same reason that the US will not allow Bob Barr or Ron Paul in their presidential debates: They are afraid of embarrassing questions. And perhaps logic.
If the Green Party partakes in the Canadian debates, something out of control could happen. Like a question with an implication that no one of the big four parties gets it. Or really cares. Same old same old. Wouldn't want anything spontaneous now, would we?
But that ain't gonna happen. Elizabeth May knows she isn't going to be Prime Minister, and it seems that environmental issues are the first item on most Canadian's minds in this election and though she might have something important to say, she will be excluded anyway. When one has no chance they don't have to follow the same rules.
One would wonder whatever Gilles Duceppe is doing in any debate? He of the 'Rob Canada' Party not only has no chance of being PM, he has no interest! Layton has no chance, he just wants to continue milking his horse a few more years. Dion, a citizen of France needs an interpreter for English! He's probably already promised Quebec to Sarkozy.
And we all know they will have set answers too. We all know they all lie. They've all lied before, over and over again. And we all know that your local politician has absolutely no say in anything even if you send him to parliament, he has to go by the party line no matter what. Or he or she might not even represent you anyway! Emerson's Rule, look out for yourself.
So why bother watching any so called debates?
To see if Harper will wear another wimpy vest?
What I'd like to see is Harper tell us he'll go after Chretien and Martin for the Sponsorship scandal! And Dion to tell us he'll go after Mulroney for being Canada's biggest ever crook! Maybe Duceppe to declare he will be a nation and refuse any handouts from Canadian taxpayers!
I'd like to see red faces and stuttering and gulping but I won't .... I'll be watching something else anyway.

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