Friday, September 26, 2008

Bank Manager

So remember that last time you wanted a loan from your friendly local bank?
Remember when the bank manager said you needed to already HAVE the amount of money you wanted to borrow? You thought, but if I had it I wouldn't be here.
Remember they wanted your house, your car, your wife, your children, your salary and future salary, your RSPs, your socks and your left foot as collateral? They even inquired about how old your dog was and asked if you had your DNA on file? And what shares in what companies you held? And you said you'd never had any extra money to actually BUY any shares in anything.

Remember you gave them every bit of private info about yourself on that form you had to sign?
Remember the terms were that you had to keep working until you are 90 years old to pay the interest on the loan and only after that would you start nibbling away at the principal?
Remember how they turned you down with that contemptable look and then took another 5 bucks out of your account?

Now those very same bank managers want you to bail out their poor management and arrogance. They want to use hard working Americans' tax money to rescue the rich and the shareholders. They are asking for 700 BILLION dollars with a straight face!
And they don't want to answer a single question or provide a one bit of collateral because they don't really have any. And they don't want their 56 or 17 million yearly dollar salaries affected.

If the government passes them this money the US taxpayer should turf out every single elected person who votes to pass the bill rewarding the CEOs for incompetance.

Just remember, the shoe is now on the other foot. Are our contempt is deserved.

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