Thursday, May 15, 2008

People Power vs Big Oil

We have the power to put greed out of business. Really, all it requires is focus and determination.
The oil companies are recording record profits again as the rest of us struggle to get from A to B.
Exxon Mobil (Esso) had profit in 2007 of 40 BILLION dollars! No American company has EVER had a higher profit. Chevron recorded 18.7 billion. The others in the big five are close behind.
We're all waiting for the US Congress or the Canadian parliament to start looking at this and DO something. Anything. There is talk of regulating oil revenues to these greed mongers. Talk, I said.
Part of the problem is that for every dime in increased cost at the pump, the government gets a huge windfall in tax money! So they are spurred to INaction. But do you believe you get any of that cash back in tax breaks? You can bet the oil companies do.
So what can WE do? Us humble people out here in Let-Em-Eat-Cake land that the power people have no affiliation with?
Well we can't put them all out of business by NOT buying gasoline. But wait .... we CAN do something. We could put ONE company out of business.
How would that work? Well, for instance, you don't need an Esso card for your gas, you only need your Visa, Mastercard or debit card. So you ARE free to buy wherever you like. And to NOT buy wherever you like.
Let's target Exxon with their 'obscene' profits. Did you know that to date they still have not paid the reparations for the Exxon Valdez oil spill? Hmm, that's arrogance. Of course they have friends in the US and Canadian Governments to protect them from things like fines and scrutiny.
Yet they are not protected from YOU! The guy or gal who is trying to pay for kids' clothing and groceries and house payments.
You COULD just pass the Esso station and go to the next one. No one gas is better than the other in spite of PR spin about 'additives'.
They'd drop prices for a bit, and if you succumbed and went back, they'd just laugh at how fickle you were and the rich shareholders would grin their sly grins and rub their manicured hands together.
But if you decided that NO way would you buy at Esso no matter what! And were prepared to see it through. The impact would be felt immediately.
And it would be NEWS! You'd glom onto a nationwide pride and the feeling of power to fight back. Who would you be hurting? Poor rich shareholders and executives with million dollar salaries and hundred dollar haircuts. And the big oil Goliath! Mmmm sweet.
Imagine just for a minute the news item that Exxon Mobile was suffering huge losses as their stations remained deserted. You'd go home at night and tune in the stock market news that you never watched before just to grin at your new found power. "Esso closes 10 more gas stations! Company President fired!" Would that be the definition of glee or what?

It probably won't ever happen, but what a thought to dwell on while you sit idling in traffic and plan to cancel your holiday this year.

It's people power and we have it right now. It only needs awakening. Action. And it'd be fun too, wouldn't it?
Grab your power.

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