Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Blackwater Canada

The public inquiry continues over the issue of taser use and the effects of the weapon. Spiked of course by the death of Robert Dziekanski. One wonders if Paul Pritchard will appear. He is the man who videoed the entire scene. (check the link for his view)
The oddity of this inquiry into Taser use so far, is the fact that our Transit Police, on the verge of becoming notorious, have REFUSED to appear.
These police are a new force. We formed them to protect Sky Train passengers from the drug dealers who frequent the stations. We allowed them to have guns. Then someone allowed them to have tasers. Somewhere along the line they have become totally independent of public scrutiny and input. They have been known to actually taser fare evaders who are running away! They are now much like the arrogant private Blackwater Troops in the US, who, at gunpoint stopped Katrina victims from reaching high ground in New Orleans. The transit police are evidently running their own show, apart from government control. Is staying away from the inquiry their choice? The lawyer for Dziekanski's mother is disgusted by this and has publicly wondered who is in charge and accountable?
Our police are morphing into an American Blackwater style force with disdain for the public and we seem to have lost control. Perhaps it goes to the mentality of people who want to be policemen. Is it a chance to be a uniformed criminal? Are they now closing ranks against the public?
Should we beware of our local police? Has the phrase 'to serve and protect' taken on an entirely different meaning? Should they add the word "ourselves" to that phrase?
Something ominous happening here.

This is just the inquiry into Taser use, wait until the actual inquiry into Dziekanski's death starts, then you'll see the real cover-up! Check out the next link - - -

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