Monday, May 05, 2008

Olympic uniforms for who?

Canada's Olympic athletes will wear red and white uniforms decorated with a fusion of Canadian and Chinese symbols at the Beijing Summer Games.
Canada has just unveiled it's 2008 uniforms for our athletes. Take a look. Made in China of cotton and BAMBOO! The orange colour of those jammies is of course, a Chinese red, nothing to do with the colour of our flag.
The fashion director at the Bay, Suzanne Timmins, thinks they're cool because they have something to do with the number 8, which is a lucky number for Chinese people. I have NO idea why she wants the Chinese to be lucky with our attire.
It's almost like someone at Vannoc went to a buddy and said, "Look, get your kid to draw up something and we'll lose the money in China. I've got lots to spend on Olympic stuff, if I get you the contract, what's in it for me?"
Well don't look askance at me, no one does that to their country without a sneaky intent and that is for sure a first timer design.

Our own 2010 Winter Olympic logo features an image from the Northwest Territories, the Inukshuk was designed by newly arrived Mexicans who researched English Bay and thought the Expo 86 leftover was a BC emblem. And then Vannoc went to China again for those cute? lil ugly? Chinese characters.

No wonder the Tibetans want rid of the Chinese, they have no fashion sense.
Of course we also have to keep in mind that the Bay, our revered Hudsons Bay Company, is now owned by an American named Zucker. And maybe he's recalling how we showed up the Americans a few years ago when Roots did us proud with clothing. They immediately hired Roots themselves! Zucker has now done what he could to make us look bad. Psychologically. Really. Look what the yellow 'Bumble Bee' design did to the Canucks!
The designers say they consulted with 50 Olympians. Who? The Jamaican Bobsled Team and Eddie the Eagle? One can suppose that the designer was hanging with Ross Rebagliati and inhaled some foul mind bending air by mistake.
Canada 2006

I think to watch any of our athletes competing I'll need a puff or two myself, and maybe some nice orange coloured cheezie munchie snacks!

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