Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Is Telus throttling?

Have you experienced the same thing as me? Basically an ultra slow or none existent or erratic internet connection with Telus.net during certain hours?
I know that between the hours of about 8 to 10 am, and again in the afternoons from about 3 to 6 pm, my internet connection virtually disappears.
A year ago when I complained that I had no obligation to honour my contract as Telus was not providing the high speed services agreed on, they gave me a brand new Siemens modem. I spent over two and a half hours on the phone with a technician in Singapore trying to get it to work, That guy finally gave up (refusing to let me speak to a supervisor) and I had to reinstall my old modem and router myself! I began checking my speeds online, (http://www.speedtest.net/) and found them incredibly slow. I can also connect to a neighbor's network with Shaw Cable so I had an instant comparison ... my Telus speeds were 1900 kilobytes per second while the Shaw connection was 13,000 kbps!
So after almost a year of suffering poor connections, I complained again, (probably my tenth email to them and hundredth phone call) they sent a technician to install the modem, a very nice young man who installed it, and boosted me to the so-called 'extreme' speed.
But now I suspect that Telus is 'throttling'. This is when your internet service provider purposely slows one connection to enhance another. Companies are doing this now and it is an issue with the powers that be. I think Telus slows down the speeds of personal customers to favour the corporate customers in the mornings and evenings.
So I am left with an 'extreme speed' internet service that is like rotary dial-up. And stuck into this deal with Telus for another year of frustrating internet, trying to get help results in endless answers to a mechanical voice, which then simply disconnects to leave you to start over! I have 5 pages of transcripts from Telus Ecare technicians transferring me from one to another and never solving anything at all, except to say that my speed is good, "for Telus." Implying that even the techs know it is lousy.
If you are sending info over the web, or a web designer trying to upload content to a website, you have to consider anyone BUT Telus for this job - my internet speed with Telus on the tested site is now 5100 kbps. At the same site within 1 minute after switching to my neighbor's Shaw cable connection my internet speed was still 13,000 kbps!
Draw your own conclusions.

My two cell phone contracts are up for renewal too. Hmm.

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