Monday, October 27, 2008

One more snub

Vannoc's recent decision to send twenty-five million dollars to American workers is just another snub of British Columbians. Gordon Campbell's government has no confidence that BCers can do anything.
We've lost control of BC Hydro to the private 'run-of-the-river' power projects, where those companies can eventually sell their power outside of our province without any power going to us in time of need.
BC Ferries is run by Americans who put surcharges on the fares at the drop of a hat and then ignore the plunging oil prices when it is time to eliminate them.
We've lost our very own railroad, BC Rail which resulted in the bypassing of many community stops for British Columbians who depended on it.
Those shiny new German ferries were built with 542 million dollars of British Columbian`s tax money sent to help German workers buy homes, cars, stoves and TVs. Nothing for capable BC ship builders and no spillover into OUR general economy.
And now when BC workers are scratching for every dollar they can in a threatening economy we award a contract to a Milwaukie company to build tents for our two week spendfest called the Olympics. Again, a 25 million dollar contract that spits in the faces of many capable British Columbian companies.
Just another snub by a government who has shown time and time again that they have no respect for British Columbians or their families.
I`m voting for the party that says `British Columbia first`.

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