Monday, March 23, 2009

Chrysler - take a hike!

You see Chrysler Corporation is threatening to leave Canada if we don't give it taxpayer money. How the hell did we ever get in this position?
Michael Levy was on the radio telling Barak Obama to stay out of executive salaries in the US. Obama is perturbed about millions of dollars in bonuses paid out to company brass who already got US taxpayer dollars. And Levy says the President of the United States has no right to dictate company salaries. Well that of course is true. However, the taxpayers of the US AND Canada have every right to dictate ANY terms of bail-out using THEIR hard earned money when those brilliant executives come begging for cash because THEY ran their respective companies into the ground! It all comes down to giving share-holders a chance to bail themselves out.
The people I know are always struggling to survive. Most of them never had any extra money to 'invest' in stocks. Food was foremost. Of course these companies keep coming back with the rationale that they need to pay huge bonuses to attract the best talent!
I have news for those CEOs ... THEY DESTROYED YOUR COMPANY! They are NOT the best! Any reasonable Chairman of the Board would have fired them long ago! Without severance pay. Let them try and sue you for it and tie them up in court for 20 years! What are those payroll lawyers doing anyway?
It is time we stood up to these arrogant beggars and told them to take a hike. The welfare payments to those workers will be far less than the bail out and the executive bonuses.
C'mon government, represent the taxpayers for a change.

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