Monday, June 15, 2009

Call the cops!

The 2010 Olympics seems to now have precedence over freedom of speech and perhaps even future movement of Canadian citizens. Several people who have voiced disapproval of the Olympics have been followed or tracked by some secretive plainclothes policemen from something called the Joint Intelligence Group of the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit! OMG! Is that another of Dick Cheney's hatchings?
This smacks of American suppression of citizens rights! And don't think it isn't going to get worse. We have been told that American military is going to be here for our Olympics too, to "help" with security. And we all know that no American military force EVER works beneath a foreign command. Not that we need them based on this latest VANOC action.
This is just starting folks, and there could be a groundswell against this kind of action. A recent declaration from a Coventry, England sports and social conference resolved to condemn the Vancouver Olympic committee for intimidating ... "writers or individuals who express ideas through words." Of course the spin from VANOC and their 'secret' police is that they are guarding our security.
I believe that's what the Ohio National Guard told the world when they killed four students and wounded thirteen others protesting on May 4, 1970.
I am FOR the Olympics, just for the record, but against the huge costs that the taxpayers always have to bear for years afterwords. And they are truly a party for the rich because they know that if people had to vote to have them, the Olympics would die a quick death.
I think it is going to get interesting folks, and don't stop expressing yourselves!


  1. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Every one should start to talk the Olympics down, they can't keep track of us all.Why should the cops from USA have any thing to do with Canada.

  2. Anonymous8:05 am

    They are supposed to be military, but you can bet with all the wars that Bush and Cheney started, the US can't spare the troops. But don't count out VANOC using Blackwater Mercenaries, they same as they did during the Katrina debacle in New Orleans when Blackwater troops stopped people fleeing to safety with guns aimed at them. The police state is upon us.


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