Monday, June 15, 2009

Rick Hansen deserves better than this

At BC Place, around the back, under the upper walkway, hidden in the dark bushes, is a statue of Rick Hansen commemorating his Man in Motion world tour. Many believe that trip by wheelchair around the whole world to be the 20th Century's greatest athletic achievement! I have no idea how long that statue has been there, and I doubt if most people even know it exists. Part of Hansen's purpose was to show to other countries that people who are physically challenged should not be hidden away. He accomplished that goal wonderfully. Inspiring millions to reach for their star.
Who makes these decisions? What duffus selected that placement? The same person who decided Terry Fox needed a mausoleum on the other side of BC PLace rather than a statue?
Someone needs to right these idiots' decisions. The Terry Fox location needs a statue which would instantly tell his story instead of people wondering what that contraption is. And Rick Hansen's statue should be right there at the front of BC Place Stadium where everyone can see two of our greatest athletes and what they did.
Hiding them away is just wrong and disgusting that someone approved the idea.

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  1. Anonymous9:08 am

    Whoever was responsible for both statues should be ashamed.Two great sports heroes.Hopefully they will take your advice and change them before the Olympics.


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