Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Convention Center

Went to visit the new convention center today, the one that went 400 million over budget and cost 883 million dollars. Looked impressive from the outside. A pleasant young lady was holding the door open for us. Went inside. Wanted to go up the escalator to see the view.
There was another security woman guarding the path upwards. The 'public' are not allowed up there she told us. We wondered why it was open then? She told us we could go downstairs to see it in the basement. The public was not allowed upstairs.
Sort of made me translate 'public' to 'unwashed'.
From outside I could see the rich people up there looking out the wonderful windows. Well I don't want to be a buddy of Gordon Campbell that bad.
Eight hundred million. Four hundred million over budget. Taxpayers' money.
No wonder I want to be a tax evader.


  1. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Right on Cater,my family went there on Sunday and couldn't get in as well.
    Pissed me off as we drove down paid for parking and could only see the outside..

  2. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Just another reason not to vote Liberal

  3. Anonymous8:06 am

    Worked at the Convention Center the other day.Looked up and saw either a rat or huge mouse running across the floor.None of the "black suits" that worked there seemed to care.I am wondering if it's a daily occurrence for them.


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