Saturday, May 02, 2009

Tamils protest

Today they had a protest in Library Square. It is some kind of Tamil organization protesting something. I can't tell exactly what it is because they are drumming and chanting something and have been doing for over 4 hours now. I hear Harper's name. And Obama's name. The rest is obscure because it is simply repetitive. Hour after hour.
I suppose they had a cause. My understanding through cursory reading of the news in that area, is that the Sri Lankan government is on the verge of defeating the Tamil Tigers once and for all.
I now hope so.
It makes me wonder why organizations like Falun Gong and Tamil Tigers are even here complaining about anything? If you are so angry at what someone is doing in your home country, wouldn't you kind of want to go THERE to change it? It is only worth fighting for change in an oppressive country from a democratic country?
It seems to me that groups lose their support by irritating everyone in sight. I assume this protest would love to get money to send for their cause. Not that I donate any anyway, but I would expect their resources to plunge when nothing intelligent happens for over four hours except shouting the same phrase over and over again.
I for one, hope the Sri Lankan government finishes the job so maybe these people can get on with their lives and quit bugging the rest of us.

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  1. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Could not agree more, I had to close my windows and turn up my stereo.As if we don't get enough noise downtown without these stupid protests.They should go back home and do their protest there. WE don't care.


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