Monday, February 02, 2009

Google and your ISP

Google has just announced a new project designed to irritate internet corporations who are ripping you off. I think they are onto something. Google is saying that many internet service providers are not supplying the service you are paying for. I am embracing Google as God!
In my own case I have Telus as my internet people. I pay them lots of money to provide a connection to the internet for me. I am supposed to be on something called 'extreme high speed DSL', that is of course when I can connect at all! Mornings are spent steaming at the screen message, 'Cannot connect to the server.' Otherwise my connection is only extreme slow.
Here is a site you can use to check the speed of your own connection now - Be prepared for surprises.
My Telus speed this morning is 5168 kilobytes per second download, 642 kbps upload with a ping of 137. I was told by a Telus technician that was fast, for Telus. What you usually cannot do, is check a different internet connection through your own computer. In my case I have a wireless neighbor through the wall and can use that connection as well! It is a Shaw Cable connection. The speed this morning on Shaw, right after my Telus measurement, at the above test site was 14782 kbps! Fourteen THOUSAND! 978 kbps upload and a ping of 36! That is way over 100 percent faster than my so called Extreme High Speed Telus connection!
So Google intends to have a site where we can all go and get our internet speed. Good for them, the only remaining thing is to get your service provider to answer the phone on inquiries about what speed results you want to know about.
In the case of Telus, you'll be dealing with a strategy of confusion and frustration intended to make you hang up and go away.
I wish I had not gone to Telus in the first place. My bad for being loyal to my old BC Tel company.

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