Monday, February 09, 2009

Warning to tourists

Welcome to the Olympics - body armor is available.

Tourists and residents - Places where you should not go in the Greater Vancouver area
- Any Skytrain station
- Granville Street clubs at night
- Surrey in general
- Any Langley Mall
- Anywhere in Abbotsford
- many grocery store parking areas
Please call police or RCMP for their list of safe places to visit, I think there is one so far.
Don't call Wally Opal, he has nothing to do with .. er ... anything.

Warning signs - Any Cadillac Escalade or black Lincoln Navigator driven by teenager. - added - Black Range Rover

Tourists and people looking for danger holidays, adventure weekends, Olympic side trips please visit any of the above locations and don't worry about flying bullets, the police assure us that they are not aimed at you. Sort of like 'friendly fire' in Iraq.
Drugs are freely available on almost any street corner, just watch for someone staring down the street, they are all similar.
Have fun and get your will up to date!

update: 15 shootings in Vancouver in the last month!
oops, TWO last night = 16
oops, another one today - 17
oops, another one last night - 18 (maybe we should put a gun on the Olympic pins?)
oops - 46 shootings so far as of April 5.

Criminal sentences in BC - average sentence for first crime = 101 days ... average sentence for 35th to 40th crime = 25 days. Come to BC.

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