Monday, October 03, 2005

Death on the move

You saw the video. It was all over the news. The black and white bait car video where the screaming crazed drug addict is careering through the streets trying to shoot a gun out the window. It was graphically illustrative of an insane druggie car thief. Terrifying.
He got caught of course ... got sentenced to 18 months in jail. Eighteen months. He had 123 previous convictions! One hundred and twenty-three. He has stolen over 1000 cars. He refused drug counselling in prison ... if that's where you go for such a light sentence. Eighteen months.
He has served 2 months. Two months. 60 days. And he's getting out today on parole.
Will this guy kill somebody soon?
Where is the point that you hold a judge responsible for future crimes as an accessory?

death on the move


  1. Anonymous10:12 pm

    god help us

  2. Anonymous10:18 am

    Time to start thinking of doing a little pruning, you know, thin the herd.

    The next time this guy is before a judge, the judge should use this train of thought to help determine the length of this idiot's sentence.

    "Do I want this idiot anywhere near my family."

    And with that thought you can guarantee the judge will immediately press the secret red button under his desk that opens the trap door and drops this idiot into a pit of maneating animals.

    Thin the herd .... press the button.

  3. Anonymous8:50 pm

    theres one way to start something happening .......


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