Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Corruption? Graft? On the take?

Is there anyone left in BC, (even a Liberal voter) who doesn't think that the current BC Liberal government under Gordon Campbell is not corrupt and piloting a secret agenda to destroy our province and hand it over to foreigners?
It has just been announced by the BC Utilities Commission that it will NOT hold any OPEN hearings regarding the sale of Terasen Gas (Once BC Gas) to huge US conglomerate Kinder-Morgan of Texas. In many minds the commission was the last hope to quash the sale. This revelation is astounding! The commission is supposed to be protecting the interests of British Columbians. 8000 letters were sent to the commission about this sale! And they are saying that NOT ONE QUESTION ABOUT THE SALE WAS CONSIDERED IMPORTANT.
The BC Liberals wrote a letter to the BC Utilities Commssion saying they saw no need for public hearings. Now whatever is going to happen will go on behind closed doors. More secrets.
Something is going on. What else can one suspect?

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