Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Quebec still wants to go ... please do

Giles Duceppe recently talked in Western Canada about separation again. Yes, they're still doing it.
It is time they went. Became their own country. Think of the benefits to Canada if they did. No more dole for them. No more French language costs in Nunavit or Yukon or Victoria. After the last vote in Quebec many things became evident.
Firstly, in spite of Jean Cretien's spin that he's FOR Canada, he stepped away from their vote, I believe HOPING that it would go through. Cretien wanted to be seen as the Father of his country. He is retired in Quebec of course. Where Paul Martin will retire. Where Pierre Trudeau retired. Where Brian Mulroney retired.
And Quebeckers did sneaky crap during that vote, they told the Canadian armed forces there that after tomorrow, when we are a nation, you will be loyal to Quebec, NOT Canada. They grounded every Canadian military plane. And did you know that most Quebeckers believe that even after separation, they will have vote in CANADA's Parliament? They think they'll still send MPs to Ottawa. They think they'll still get money from Canada. They'll use the Canadian dollar. That those people from Hull will simply go to their jobs without so much as a flutter from Ottawa. They think that they'll label everything in pure French and we'll still have to buy it. The last I heard is that here in BC, the so called Fraser Valley butter is Quebec butter. BC Farmers are not allowed to produce butter. (Island Farms Dairy is about to be owned by a Quebec company, Dairyland is a BC company.) They think that we'll still want to speak French after they go. They only reason we support Haiti so much is because they are a French speaking country. Didn't anyone twig to that? It is like we are infiltrated with a series of moles as Prime Ministers who are there solely for the benefit of Quebec at the cost of the rest of Canada. Do you really believe the sponsorship scandal will result in revelations against Quebec ministers? (The judge in charge has already been asked to step aside because of his obvious bias for French Canadian Liberals involved in it!) Air Canada was allowed to kill Canadian Air so when the vote came, they'd have their own national airline already established. They believe that New York state and others will flock to buy Quebec products labelled in only French. They believe they'll still have Canadian passports! Hmm, is that naive? Or just plain stupid?
They want to associate with France so much, who can ever forget DeGaul's "Vive Quebec Libre!" From the man who was rescued by Americans and only at America's discretion was allowed to walk into Paris in 1945. France of course, will rape Quebec, quickly signing many agreements for it's own benefit and taking advantage of Quebec's fervent yet exploitable desire to be seen as 'French'.
Well I for one will not buy Quebec products. And I don't expect my government to do so either. I expect there would be a huge and serious backlash after they go. Quebeckers will be sent home to their own 'country'. Don't expect to work in Canada ahead of Canadians. They'll get along for awhile off their power sales to the Eastern US, but after their corrupt politicians pocket the most of it, they'll be back to rural communities struggling for survival. I won't be banking at the Bank of Montreal. Won't be buying Quebec made clothing or shoes. Won't be watching French subtitles on CBC, of course all those Quebec executives of CBC will be told to take a hike across the 'border'. And guess what? Without all those Quebec seats in Canada's mix for elections, it will be fair and equitable treatment for the West! The Liberal moles will be washed away like street soot.
Quebec only holds us down, as Giles Duceppe said, and we hold them down. I say release them. Giles is a nice man who battles for Quebec. Kiss them goodbye. Shake hands. Drive hard bargains on the St Lawrence Seaway, give them a hug and then let 'em go!
Good riddance I say ... au revoir, voyez-vous autrefois, ne nous appelez pas, nous vous appellerons.
Don't wait though.

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