Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Condoleezza Rice is plotting about Canada

WASHINGTON (CP) - Condoleezza Rice, in hearings Tuesday on her nomination as the top U.S. diplomat, said plotting the next phase of the free trade pact with Canada and Mexico is central to America's fortunes.
Seems to me that PLOTTING is exactly the correct word. Read that to mean that America will take over Canada completely with the next generation of NAFTA and we won't even know they've done it.
Condoleezza, (damn it's hard not to make fun stuff of her name) also took issue with Senator Barbara Boxer about her integrity. Just because the California Senator took issue with her contradictions of herself and President Bush in her own statements regarding WMDs and war in Iraq. Okay, now, hands up all those who thought Mz Rice had integrity to begin with. Hmm, just as I thought. A recent poll said her inaugeration as Secretary of State would hurt the Bush administration. It was 80%.
She also said America won't rule out pre-emptive military strikes against Zimbabwe, Belarus, Myanmar and Cuba. Hmm, seems to me that everything Ian Smith left in fine shape in Rhodesia has rusted away since he left. And they've killed all the other machinery in the country. Nothing works, how would they threaten anyone? Belarus? Belarus is little bigger than the Vatican without the money. What would they attack America with, Ladyfinger firecrackers? And Myanmar? I'm not convinced that Condoleezza knows where Myanmar is? I think that even Myanmar isn't sure where they are. They're all out looking for Burma. Cuba. Oh yes, Cuba is a sore point because the mafia lost all their hotels and casinos there in the last century and they want to get them back. Cuba is a threat too, so if you see a 52 Chevy clanking down the road at you, it could be a car bomb filled with sugar cane spears!
Well it wouldn't surprise me to find Canada on some secret list either, America is afraid we would sic married homosexuals on them after giving them legal BC Bud.


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  1. Hey caterwals, I'm enjoying reading your posts. Keep them coming. Bloggers are starting to have influence now and writing about these things helps a lot.


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