Friday, January 28, 2005

Is Gordon Campbell being controlled?

Well, is he being controlled by the corrupt federal Liberals? While the feds are trying to shut down the sponsorship scandal inquiry and wanting to remove the judge, (Chretien just demanded it) the federal Liberals are still implanting their people into Gordon Campbell's Provincial Liberal Party. 'Implanting'? Hmmm 'infiltrating'? 'Embedding' .... 'Engrafting,' yes I like that one. Has the proper ring when applied to Liberals.
You remember that unprecedented raid on the legislature by the RCMP? Those guys who are now charged with fraud were federal liberals, appointed by the Premier's office. The Premier's Chief of Staff, Martin Brown actually. He sorta reminds me of that sinister character in the old Erroll Flynn Robin Hood movie who was always whispering cryptic evils into the king's ear.
So now we have the premier on a radio talk show, and another 'engrafted' federal Liberal is caught phoning in and calling himself 'Peter' when he was actually Prem Vinning, who held a senior position in Campbell's office.
So, are the corrupt federal liberals running our BC government? Judging by the nice warm relationship they have and the way both governments hate British Columbians, seems likely to me. Maybe we'll get lucky this spring and have Paul Martin out here endorsing Gordon Campbell just when the sponsorship inquiry fingers him for his involvement in that scandal.
Hmmm, and I always thought Mulroney was the biggest crook Canada ever had.

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  1. Wouldn't it be great to have Paul Martin endorse Gordon Campbell!


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