Wednesday, January 12, 2005

How to balance your personal budget

Let's say you want to make yourself look better financially. Your debts are high. You need to balance your budget and have more money to spend. You want everyone to think you know how to manage money.
- So you have a car. You're making payments on it. Here's what you do ... SELL the car to someone else. Now you don't have to pay for it. Well sure, then you can RENT it back from the guy you sold it to but you've eliminated the debt you had.
- So you're renting a house too. Why not start by selling the fridge and stove. It's not yours though, belongs to the homeowner. Shhhh! Maybe no one will notice. You see how this will make you look good? You got money in return for not owning anything and your budget is looking great. But it wasn't yours in the first place? Ignore that fact and go ahead and sell off the front porch. The garage too.
Well you have no control now if the new owners of this stuff decide to take it away from you to use as they like.
This is sorta like those homeless people on the streets. Their budget is totally balanced.
This is sorta like the Gordon Campbell Liberal BC Government. Selling off our BC Rail. Selling off our BC Hydro. Selling off our health record accounting. Selling out our fisheries industry. Selling out our BC shipbuilders. Selling out all British Columbians.
Gordon Campbell didn't own any of that stuff either.

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