Saturday, January 01, 2005

Biggest rip-off of Christmas!

Life Savers Story Book pack! They have this package, see, sort of square, so you think inside it'll be about 10 packs of Life Savers candy. But wait, when you open it, you find they're suspended inside so you can't shake 'em. They even have this little partition built in there full of space so the Life Savers won't inadvertantly slip into it and start rattling around to alert you that the PACKAGE IS WAY BIGGER THAN WHAT IT CONTAINS! So you get only 6 (SIX) rolls of Life Savers. Truth in advertising? Lies in packaging?
Sort of like packaging a toy car and skillfully hiding the fact that there are no wheels on it.
Shame on you Life Savers, most people buy those packs for kids too.

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