Tuesday, April 19, 2005

World Championship & Todd Bertuzzi

Last time we had this World Championship, wimpy Wayne Gretsky wouldn't allow Todd Bertuzzi to play because he said, "He is under suspension by the NHL." At that time, many wondered if the NHL was controlling these so-called World Championships. Gretsky showed his loyalty to a professional organization instead of his country, Canada.
(Could it have had anything to do with Marc Crawford NOT putting Gretsky into that shoot-out scenario a few years ago?)
Now we have it again, and Steve Tambellini also would not choose Todd Bertuzzi for that team. Again because of a suspension by a league that is not, in effect, even there. Now we hear that Gary Bettman, the head of the non existant NHL, said that the tournament has nothing to do with the NHL. And they will have a hearing regarding Bertuzzi later. So Steve Tambellini must be able to allow Bertuzzi to play for his country if it has nothing to do with the non existant NHL.
Todd Bertuzzi should tell the NHL to take a hike, go and play in Europe where someone wants him. He could make a lot of money there, enough for anyone's needs. Everyone is positioning for the civil lawsuit that Moore and his lawyer parents will surely bring, but why wait? Everyone else is sucking up to the NHL, doesn't mean Bertuzzi has to.
Get on with your life, Todd, and leave the toadies of the NHL in your ice shavings. They chose Scott Walker over you.

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  1. BRAVO! Set Todd Free! The NHL is nothing more than a piece of American junk these days.

    No more glory days of hockey. They are ruining the our game.


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