Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Flag count

I live in a highrise apartment building right downtown. We can see at least a thousand buildings from our 25th floor. Last year I tried to count Canada flags flying from buildings. There was 1 (one) from the firehall below, and one other on a highrise. This year I recounted, although from a slightly different angle. It was 13 Canada flags and 2 British Columbia flags. I'm not sure if that is encouraging or not. Seems pathetic to me.
Is it the management of the buildings who don't want to buy a flag and fly it? Too expensive? Too much trouble? Too many foreign owned buildings? Is it a comment on our patriotism? Are we, here in our own country, following that silly line about not offending others? Are we proud of our Red Maple Leaf or not? It is a beacon of our sovereignty, and a statement that Canada is the greatest, a symbol of a free people, and an inspiration to artists, writers, poets, old soldiers, immigrants and perhaps a few lost souls treading our soil from sea to sea to sea.

Oh Canada!

Get with it people, get a Canada flag and fly it with pride that Canada is still going it's own way regardless of the so-called 'global' community pressures.
Be proud that the rest of the world looks up to us, because they do. And let the world know you are standing on guard for Canada.

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