Tuesday, April 05, 2005

9 out of 10 prefer Liberals

In a recent study undertaken by ourselves, we discovered 9 out of 10 groups prefer the liberal government of Gordon Campbell for many reasons.
The question: Who can say they'll fare better with another liberal government in British Columbia?
The answers:
1 - Maximus. This American corporation will continue to do well with more Gordon Campbell. Through a Canadian subsidiary, they have access to all our MSP and Pharmacare records, including medical reports, psychological reports, family status and history, date of birth, income, financial history and employment income, etc ad naseum. This will keep them in good stead with Homeland Security in the USA.
2 - Accenture Ltd, an American company operating in Hamilton, Bermuda (to avoid American taxes) will also do better with Gordon Campbell because they stand a good chance of getting Gordon to privatize more of BC Hydro, and they'll be running it and be able to put prices up to 'global levels' ignoring the fact that British Columbians, who once owned BC Hydro should benefit from having the lowest cost hydro power in North America.
3 - Flensburger Shipbuilding, the German company which has the contract to build 3 new ships for BC Ferries will continue to do well from BC Liberals, who are spending 500 million dollars on those ferries, of which, not one penny will go to British Columbia ship workers and their families to spend in BC. Premier Campbell of course ignoring the fact that the former ferries, fast or not, were built by local BC shipbuilders.
4 - Mystery company in Poland, which evidently has the contract to build another ship for BC Ferries. It will of course, be announced AFTER an election because, as even a liberal said, "It just don't look so good." They will do better with Gordon Campbell.
5 - Out of Province owners of BC Rail, (the name probably soon to be changed so that BC people won't think they still own it, as what happened to BC Gas = Terasen Gas, also involved with Accenture) They will continue to do well under Gordon Campbell because they'll be able to discontinue services for small BC towns while hooking up with America at Alaska, consequently giving the Americans what they've wanted for years; the ability to ship "goods" from Alaska to America without allowing inspection of freight travelling through British Columbia.
6 - Unethical large employers who can now use a training wage of $6.00 per hour with a minimum 2 hour day, instead of the minimum wage of $8.75 and a 4 hour minimum to 'test and train' employees for suitability for employment. Except of course that it seems none of them ever work out when the deadline arrives to pay them higher amounts and they have to be let go. Those companies are thanking Gordon Campbell.
7 - US Homeland Security and the Patriot Act will continue to do well under Gordon Campbell as he sends more private data about British Columbians to American companies. And there's more privatization in the works. Under the US Patriot Act, no company can withhold information about you, nor does this clandestine branch of the US Government have to reveal they even recorded your information.
8 - Foreign Fish Farm owners will do very well with another Liberal government and Gordon Campbell. They'll be able to continue ignoring any reasonable scientific reports on the dangers of fish farm salmon or the devastation of BC wild salmon stocks and get on with growing pen-fed Atlantic salmon which is advised not to be eaten by children or pregnant women. Did you know it was coloured? Sort of an "Agent Orange" colour.
9 - The Federal Liberals will be happy with Gordon Campbell's provincial liberals remaining in power. They'll be able to continue to send more "organizers" to BC from the Federal ranks, including any new suspected crooks that may be part of Paul Martin's secret cadre right now.

10 - And the group who will NOT fare better with another Liberal government; These remaining poor souls were part of the remainder of people who are unlikely to do well under continued management of Gordon Campbell and his "Anybody but BCers" policy =
- Senior citizens that may need long term care and would like to spend their remaining time together
- students and poorer people who need to have hope for better lives
- women in general who are on Mr Campbell's hit lists
- anyone who dares to believe the people of BC have the intelligence, skills, enthusiam and work ethic to make BC the greatest place on earth for PEOPLE and not political friends and foreign corporations.

- unscientific study but feel free to copy and post anyway -


  1. Anonymous8:23 am

    your right. nothing but campbells friends will benefit from that guy coming back. lets get rid of him now!

  2. Hey Dude,

    I put the list on my sight, due to your generous offer to repost at the bottom. I have also linked it back to this site.

    Thank you for putting this list together, it clearly highlights who benefits under the Campbell Liberals.

    Keep up telling the story! You are doing a great job here!


  3. Is that not, perhaps, a slightly small Multinat sample size?


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