Friday, December 02, 2005

Conspiracy theory ... 4 - Quebec

So the Canadian military decided to 'store' some armoured personel carriers. They were moving them from Ontario to Montreal. Hmmmmmmm. Montreal, Quebec that is.
The only reason this was discovered by police was the truck driver was confused and driving the wrong way. The trailer was carrying two M113 armoured personnel carriers bearing Department of National Defence licence plates and loaded with ground-to-ground missile launchers. "They're used against tanks and other armoured personnel carriers," said Canadian Forces spokesman Major Daryl Morrell.
Now, if we look at this incident with a suspicious mind, what do we see? The separatists in Quebec beginning to steal whatever they can from Canada, before their referendum. Quebeckers being in charge of most things like this in Canada, they can set about doing it in stealth.
Why don't I trust them? Because, on the evening of the LAST separation referendum, they sent out messages to all Canadian forces stations in Quebec, ordering that the forces on those bases, would have
alegience to Quebec the following morning, NOT Canada!
I think we Canadians should watch this situation. This could be the start of the biggest theft ever of Canadian assets. Quebec wants to have everything it can when they start their new country, and the French Canadians now in charge of Canada, including Paul Martin etc etc et al, will aid and abet as secretly as they can.
Why would they want armoured personal carriers in the first place? Because once they separate, and lay claim to their territory, they are going to get one hell of a fight from the aboriginals who want NO part of a Quebec nation. Quebeckers are anticipating violence from their own indians. Amoured personel carriers with ground to ground missile launchers are EXACTLY what they'll need.
Worth watching for more 'incidents'? I believe so.

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