Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Canada bashing?

Seems like a war of words is heating up across the border. Perhaps since Paul Martin criticised the US for their failure to join Kyoto. Shouldn't have told them that.
We know that signing on to the Kyoto agreement means you'll take certain actions to limit greenhouse emissions over the next 100 years. Everyone knows that Earth is becoming in pretty bad shape. Global warming is no longer a theory, it is a fact. Check out the island sized ice cubes floating out of the arctic regions. The US won't sign on because of money. They'd have to enforce clean air from all their factories etc. That would cost. They are, in fact, bringing 19 more coal fired poluting energy plants on line. Good enough for everyone else to clean up but not America. But don't tell them that.
Paul Celucci, and now David Wilkins, the US ambassadors, are doing their usual act of interfering in Canada's business by trying to pressure us into submission on softwood lumber. They refuse to live up to the NAFTA rules time after time. Why? Because lobbyists are working hard to keep their own lumber companies in profit, and that is causing a few thousand dollars to be added to every house built in the states. What they want is for Canada to agree to a lesser tarrif when there should be none at all.
Tucker Carlson of NBC is calling us a 'retarded cousin'. You remember bow-tied Tucker, he's the one that our Carolyn Parrish demolished in that TV interview when he told her that Norway could conquer us. (search Carolyn Parrish, this blog) Carolyn shot back that Norway doesn't WANT to conquer us, it is America that is going around the world pissing everyone off. John Stewart followed that up with an appearance where he pleaded with Carlson to be relevant and quit being a simple oaf!
The American media constantly brainwashes the American public on American policy, however, they refuse to acknowledge that any other country can have a policy. They are completely misinformed about other countries, Canada no exception. Right wing bone rack and media commentator, Ann Coulter, in a recent interview with a Canadian journalist, argued that Canada was in the Vietnam War. Because she wanted to be right, regardless of the truth. But don't tell her that.
We all know that people like Rush Limbaugh and Bill OReilly lambaste anyone and everyone who questions American policy, especially Canada. Now we even have senators espousing the 'fence across the border of America' idea, saying WE are the ones who let the 9 eleven terrorists into their country. I believe that nine of those terroists were on American VISAs at the time, and there is not one shred of evidence to show any one of them came through Canada. It's a long way from 'hands across the border' isn't it? And there is not a flying school in Canada that wouldn't call the RCMP if bearded wild-eyed men wanted to learn to fly a plane but not land one!
The fence wouldn't be enough, why not make it a concrete barrier like the Isrealis use to keep the Palestinians out? The beneficial side effect would be to keep Americans IN. Pat Buchanan once suggested it too, implying that Canadians all have leprosy and moderate views! Both catchy.
The right wing is of course in control of America and it is becoming a sinister situation. When one of their own ambassadors in Africa, implied that Bush was lying about Saddam looking for weapons there, they 'outed' a CIA agent themselves to get back at him! Using White House media puppet Robert Novak to do it! Why isn't HE charged with treasonous behavior? We all know now that Iraq was a lie, just don't tell those young men trying out real XBox weaponry. And recently, we have learned that America is secretly spying on their own people! Wire taps, email intercepts etc. All approved by George Bush.
Don't tell America anything, they just don't listen. Don't tell Canada anything either, we don't want to hear. So why is there a war of words? Damn you Canada, we're the most powerful nation on earth and you're still better than us!
Here's my dollar for the first concrete block.


  1. Anonymous11:34 am

    Add my buck to the plate. Hell I carry my brick ovwer there right now.

    About time we built our own Disneyland anyways!

  2. The best way to motivate Americans is by telling them they aren't 'nice'.

    Americans spend outlandish efforts to be 'in the clique': beauty pagents, popularity contests, its madness.

    I make a point of joining US projects & adding my Canadian voice. You get a lot of 'who the hell are you to criticize AMERICANS?'

    I like to point out that they're the MINORITY on the Planet & they should be more concerned about what CHINA & INDIA think of their international actions.

    That their economy is hitched to a stump: the Oil.

    That the GLOBAL economy will adjust, its up to THEM to tag along.

    BlueBerry Pick'n is

    "Learn. Think. Believe & Act"

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  4. Anonymous11:08 am

    Smarten up or we'll bomb you ^$%#@ Canadians!

  5. Anonymous3:08 pm

    Yeah, I know, its an old post I stumbled across while searching from something else.

    But you need to define being in the Vietnam war.

    30,000 Canadians volunteered and served in the US armed forces.

    Some delegates even engaged in espionage on behalf of the Americans, with the approval of the Canadian government.

    Canada placed peace keepers in Vietnam in '73 to monitor the Paris Peace Accords.

    We sold arms to the Americans. The American military trained in Canada.

    Not so black and white eh?


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