Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Damaged US relationship?

US Ambasador to Canada, David Wilkins, (the Paul Celucci reincarnate) meddling as usual in Canadian affairs, has criticised Paul Martin for his comments about the ongoing softwood lumber dispute, and the Kyoto treaty, saying that Martin will damage the relationship with America.
Are the Americans afraid that their people building houses or REbuilding houses will find out that they are paying over a THOUSAND dollars more because of the American lobby to protect their own profits and keep Canadian lumber out?
Hmmm, considering that the US is ignoring every single ruling against them by NAFTA on softwood, and that they are starting 19 more coal fired energy plants in the largest poluting country in the world and refuse to join Kyoto to cut global warming emissions, and are getting prickly sensitive about it, couldn't we say that it is already damaged?

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