Wednesday, December 14, 2005

McDonald's boycott

I forgot to boycott McDonalds on December 3rd. I feel like I let down the two 10 year old boys who started the idea. So I'm boycotting McDonalds now, for the rest of the month actually ... no, maybe until March, 2006. Better. I never went there on Dec. 3rd anyway. In fact I never go there at all. Well maybe once in a while when I am far out of town on my motorcycle and I need something to fill the hole. Some of those nice 'meat sprayed' french fries. I like that they spray them with that secret meat spray by-product because then I don't have to buy their burgers. Who knows what those might be made of?
As a matter of fact, the idea of the boycott was started as a retaliation against the American handling of the softwood lumber deal, where we Canadians are being penalized so US lumber companies can improve their profits. I think I'll even take it further and boycott McDonalds until America gives us our 5 billion dollars back.
Say, for 10 year olds, these boys are pretty smart. And more gutsy than our federal politicians.
How old do you have to be to get elected to parliament?

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  1. I've boycotted McD's for the past 5 years, my first installment of a lifetime boycott. Quite painless - everyone should do it!


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