Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Election. Now the fun starts.

So we have an election. And there will be lots of things to make fun of coming from the candidates.
The first one out of the slot is Marc Garneau, Quebec's favourite space cadet. He is telling us to get over it, the sponsorship scandal is in the past, he says to forgive the bad Liberals and move on.
Hmm, I wonder if he'd go back into space if the mechanics on the shuttle had been caught cheating on the bolts and valves and those same mechanics were still working on the rockets?
Well Mr. Garneau, the same cheaters are still there within the corrupt Liberal party, some voters can't move on until they do. Mr Dithers was IN CHARGE of all that money that disappeared, telling us he knew nothing about it only points to his own stupidity and poor management.
And did you notice how quickly Mr Martin jumped on Mr Harpers comments on same sex marriage? It seems that it is not an issue, yet Harper brought it up. And Martin, clever as he is, jumped on it. You know the Liberals are going to try the same tactics they did last time, to put Harper on the defensive on these kinds of non issues and deflect a Conservative attack on their record of corruption.
Mr Harper made the mistake last time, of allowing the Liberals to set the tone of the campaign. Let's hope he makes a better fight of it this time.
Jack Layton nips and yelps at the others like a jackal following the lions, yet they have no interest because he wouldn't even make a decent meal. He simply is not a player.
Gilles Duceppe is preparing to become the leader of a new country. He has no interest in the rest of Canada, but we should be asking the other three leaders about Plan B when he leads Quebec out of confederation.
If this election run is going to be like others in the recent past, we'll just comfy down on our sofas and watch the Liberal media destroy Harper again.
Same old same old.

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