Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Gomery report

What else can we conclude from the Gomery report about the federal Liberals other than that Chretien was in charge of everything and that he didn't know everyone below him was corrupt? And what else can we conclude other than that Paul Martin was in charge of the money and that he didn't know what the corrupt people in his department were doing with it?
What else can we conclude but that everyone in the government from French Canada is corrupt and stealing money from the rest of Canada?
The basic assumption so far is that the Liberal controlled media across Canada will say poor Paul Martin needs another chance for re-election and that the Conservaives and the NDP would be scary as government.
And the basic assumption is that Quebec will pass the separatist referendum which it will hold in the near future, because the French Canadians controlling our government will again step back to allow it and say nothing.
What is REAL scary is that when that all happens, Canadians will once again stand there and let French Canadians negotiate the separation of Quebec with other French Canadians when every French Canadian MP in Ottawa should immediately resign on the outcome of that vote.
But then corrupt people can't be expected to be honourable, can they?

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  1. Anonymous10:09 pm

    not often someone in the west knows that quebeckers are corrupt. we all know it here.


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