Saturday, November 19, 2005

proof of Liberal collusion in the media

If there wasn't Liberal collusion in the media, we would have clips playing every five minutes of Premier Campbell standing up and saying, "We are going to have open government." A phrase he constantly repeated while running for the Liberals to govern our province. Some dupes believed him.
Gordon Campbell has now gone to the opposite extreme; secret government.
And one must fault the NDP in with this sneaky secrecy and deception. Together the greedy MLAs got together in the back room and voted themselves a fifteen percent raise in pay, when thousands of British Columbians are struggling to make ends meet. Union and non union. When Gordon tells us all that the economy is strong, he doesn't mean for you and I, he means for his big business buddies.
There is a public outcry to MLA offices. The people of the province are furious, they are expressing their anger every way they can, on the web in chat forums, to phone in radio shows, but do we see it in the press or television? No.
Why? Because the federal Liberals have most newspapers, even community newspapers, and TV stations in their pockets. The only newspaper the public has left is the Georgia Straight, the one Gordon Campbell tried to shut down.
Gordon Campbell and Carol James betrayed the people of BC. They KNEW they were doing it. They KNEW it was sneaky. They did it anyway. Without a single dissenting voice from one Liberal or NDP MLA anywhere! Without one leaked message to the media.
Once again, I hear a cry from the dark wilderness, where is the Social Credit party when we need them?
What a mess!

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  1. Anonymous10:16 am

    what the hell do you expect from crooks?


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