Thursday, November 17, 2005

Liberals' "business first" policy

If there was ever a case showing how putting business ahead of people by the present Gordon Campbell government hurts, it is the tragic death of little Sherry Charlie. Mr Campbell cut funding to many agencies that helped the people in our society who need it.
We saw old folks split up and their community hospitals closed. We know Mr. Campbell has the reputation for hating women. And now he should hang his head in shame and resign because his policies have resulted in harm coming to children too.
I wonder how the tax cuts to business are going?
Well, whatever, as long as the foreign economy within our province is strong, that is what Gordon Campbell really cares about. Too bad.

Goodbye sweet little Sherry Charlie, too bad you were a female, a native indian BCer, and poor. Too bad you didn't have a chance at life.
Too bad you didn't even make it to your 2nd birthday.

Oh, I forgot. Today the MLAs, in secrecy, voted themselves a 15% raise in pay. Does anyone else feel sick like I do?

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  1. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Yes, I am sick too and my friends are all the same!


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