Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Larry Campbell on ice?

Keep your friends near but your enemies closer?
(Colour coded for clarity)
I think we have just seen a clever gambit by sneaky Gordon Campbell and sneakier Paul Martin. This is what happened; Gordon Campbell, head of the BC Liberals, who insists the BC Liberals have no connection with the federal Liberals, called up his pal, and mentor, Paul Martin and asked for a favour - get Larry Campbell out of the picture!
Larry Campbell was perceived to be too dangerous. He had a whopping 70 percent popularity rating when he gave up the Vancouver Mayor's chair. That position of Mayor of BC's largest city has often been a jumping off point for greater ambitions of Premier. Hence a huge threat to Gordon Campbell if Larry decided to run for the NDP party. He could have been the next premier.
Gordon said he needed to put Larry on ice, sort of like someone did to the NDP's Tom Berger a few years ago, make him a judge and get him out of the political loop. So Paul comes up with the idea of making Larry a senator. No better way to make anyone forgettable than a senator. Presto, threat removed.
Larry disappears into dusty senatorship, and Gordon continues selling off British Columbia.
We're not sure if even that will shut up Larry Campbell.
Can a senator still run for anything?

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