Saturday, November 26, 2005

Olympic costs already 50% over budget

File this report under "I knew it would happen."
John Furlong, head guy of the coming Olympics announced that the games budget was already overspent ... it seems that when all these politicians, 'thinkers', power players, accountants, engineers, got together a few years ago, they called Home Depot to find out what a 2 x 4 piece of wood costs.
They might have been told a dollar. THEN they went ahead and planned everything based on that dollar! NOW, lo and behold, they are crying because the 2x4 doesn't still cost a dollar!
Furlong points out that the original estimate was in 2002 dollars and that between now and 2010, the Vancouver region has between $70 billion and $75 billion in construction projects on the go, putting immense pressure on labour and materials costs.
Hmmm. In all that forward thinking brain activity, didn't ANYONE suggest that the cost of that piece of wood wouldn't be the same in 2005? 2007? 2009?
One begins to believe that these 'organizers' are just plain stupid people ..... or ..... they knew it all along and told us one price of the games to win over public support.

Hmmm, wait a minute ... I just got it ... aren't the lying cheating deceiving Gordon Campbell Liberals involved in here somewhere?
See the light bulb over my head?


  1. Anonymous9:58 am

    What did you expect? Honesty?

  2. Anonymous11:31 pm

    The Olympics are a good thing, get on the bandwagon or shut up about it. We like gordo.


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