Tuesday, May 10, 2005

RAV line again ...

The RAV line. The project that was 300 million dollars over budget before it hardly began! They now seem to have stumbled onto the discovery that it will take some blasting.
Hmm. Like the engineers didn't realize that and they think WE didn't know it already? What does this say about all the learned people who argued that the Cambie route was perfect, no, there wouldn't be any volcanic rock in there, denying the fact that Queen Elizabeth Park IS volcanic in origin. They lied SOME into believing this would be an easy project. THEN they told you it was cut and cover, NOT drilling underground. NOW they say they'll need blasting. Like do YOU believe they didn't know this already? Like LONG long ago? What engineering company would NOT know that? There were hundreds telling them what they faced. And this blasting won't be like getting one big boulder out of the way, it will be hard rock mining! Inch by inch by dynamite. Wait a minute, the reason the engineers didn't bother to find this out before was that the taxpayers will be on the hook for overruns anyway ... who needed to know stuff like that?
Perhaps the taxpayer.
So the Arbutus connection would have been cut and cover. Dig out the soft dirt on the already established route, unravel the tracks in the ditch, let the Skytrain fly. Easy. Cheap.
Nope, this is going to be Gordon Campbell's 'Fast Ferries' project, one he could have easily avoided if he hadn't been looking after his friends in Kerrisdale. What else can we say?
We TOLD you sooooooooooooo!

(see 'RAV line already over cost' - November 2004 - on this blog)

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