Sunday, May 08, 2005

Confirmed again - Gordon against women

At a candidate's debate meeting last night, sponsored by the BC Status of Women, no Liberal showed up, again. The fourth time. The NDP, Green Party, Marijuana Party and the Work Less Party all participated alongside a paper maché mock up of a liberal.
Wouldn't this confirm to you that Gordon Campbell has told his people to avoid these meetings?
Did he think adding the pretty parachute liberal Carol Taylor to his roster would dispell the belief that he's against women? Did you notice Carol, who is generally an articulate, intelligent woman, has had nothing to say yet? Because Gordon Campbell hasn't TOLD her what to say yet.
The NDP, Green Party, Marijuana Party and Work Less Party all had important points to make about the condition of women in BC.
The Paper Maché candidate was in usual Liberal form about his platform too, keeping his mouth papered over lest a word get out.

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