Wednesday, May 04, 2005

California bans internet hunting.

California decided that those great white hunters who are flocking to a Texas based hunting website, shouldn't go there anymore. I don't mean those brave courageous hunters who frequent the chain-link fenced hunting sites in Texas for the thrill of killing some grazing Bambi while safely outside the fence in their pick-ups, I mean 'hunters' sitting at home on their computers and with a computer mouse click, actually causing a gun to shoot a deer or whatever animal! Did you know this was happening?

Bambi beware

Can you believe it? Can you believe that there are people in the world who would do this? You sit there at your computer, click your mouse, watch the monitor, 'stalk' a deer, get it in your cyber sights, CLICK, BAM! ... death. Wow. I mean REAL death. Brave. A real hairy chest beater, isn't it? They even send you the animal remains! Is there any limit to the masculinity? The bravado? The idiocy?
Fourteen other states are about to ban computer hunting too. I am worried that the technology might be turned to more sinister directions. Like hunting random people! Is it a matter of time until Homeland Security or the Minutemen set up this stuff on the Mexican border? Or someone suggests that frying all those deathrow inmates is just boring. (Texas executed 33 people in 2002.)
You know who these guys are don't you? They're those men who go down to their basements after dinner, (served precisely at 5 pm) while their wife or mother cleans up the dishes, washes the floor and prepares their pipe and slippers. They tuck in under the stairs, fire up the computer, check out the porno sites, feel the reassurance of something hard between their legs, which is their Daddy's Smith & Wesson, and go hunting. The hunter websites actually say computer hunting aids the handicapped hunter. (isn't that the inherent quality of ALL hunters?) Some of these closed hunting ranches even have specials; One mature turkey, plus one hog, and unlimited coyotes, all for just $500.! What? No cows? Almost like a Safeway grocery special isn't it? Others are importing exotic animals from around the world, Barbary Sheep from North Africa, Blackbuck Antelope, from India, etc. "What the hell," Bubba says, "there jist ain't anuff critters ta kill out here in Texas." Spit
The web-sights are from the same ranches who breed domestic deer in confinement for killing, these ranchers have brought themselves into the 21st century.
Too bad their brains didn't make the trip.
Scary though, isn't it?
Texas, a whole nuther country.

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