Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Willie Picton trial coming someday

Currently, the Robert William Picton trial is at the stage where they are having preliminary meetings of prosecution and defence and judge to decide what will be allowed for discussion and evidence at the trial itself. The rules of engagement, so to speak. Evidently someone is seeking a complete publication ban of what can be reported DURING the trial. This is our 'open' court system. Reporters may be allowed into the courtroom, but would not be unable to say what went on! Even the family members will not be allowed to tell US what went on. These people have been living in a state of suspended animation for several years now.
(There is currently a case in the courts where a lawyer representing CBC, is not even allowed to tell the CBC what is happening in their own case!)
They are going to charge Willie Picton with several more deaths in the Missing Women Pig Farm case. (27 so far) We ALL know that Willie Picton could NOT have completed these grusome murders all by himself. Others HAD to be involved. Someone, somewhere is covering up something. A LOT. The police want to end this action as soon as possible, without exposing anyone else during the trial. They want to clear their case load of these unsolved murders. What one wonders is if they all want to hush up something far more sinister? Evidently many influencial and public servants attended parties at that location. Many unsavory characters were regulars. How bad would that knowledge be if who they were was exposed? Keeping it all quiet and away from public scrutiny seems to fit everyone's secret agenda.
If the judge goes along with a full publication ban it will be a miscarriage of justice before the trial even begins. And it will stink of coverup and protection.
Hiding the facts from the public is NOT an open court system, and will only add suspicion that something is rotten with the pig farm case. The fact that they were horrible crimes perpetrated on vulnerable women doesn't mean we should not know exactly what went on. Having DNA from many of these poor women does NOT say that Picton acted alone. A recent poll showed 81% believe he did not act alone.
Willie Picton is not going to get a fair trial anyway and it is not because the media would report on the daily evidence; it is because evidence will be omitted or hidden from public knowledge in order to clear these murders from the books.
In truth, all the Crown has in this case is evidence that these women met their end at the pig farm, there seems to be no evidence pointing directly to Robert William Picton except he lived there. Is that enough to convict? And even of more importance, is that enough for the families of the victims? Or are they being flim fammed to protect someone else?


  1. Anonymous11:52 am

    I couldn't agree more with your comments. They will try to keep out all the names of important people who frequented his farm. Who took those girls out there?

  2. Anonymous7:08 pm

    I agree with this as well. He is the scape goat.


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