Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Hockey anyone? er ...... anyone?

I didn't even watch one game in the so-called Hockey World Championships. Tuned in a couple of times to see snatches of skating and every time just glimpsed some European player skating around Jovanovski like he was a wet cardboard cut-out thrown on the ice by a disgusted fan. Fan? Are there any left?
The NHL missed an opportunity. They should have pressured the networks to broadcast Junior hockey games. It would have been interesting and kept the fans seeing a high level of the speed game that hockey is meant to be. But like most, I went on to other sports. Watching NBA is way up in Canada. Sure, it is our game and Steve Nash has made us proud. And I'm watching more soccer and getting excited about the World Cup, a true world tournament. Steriod baseball is a joke and they've never recovered from THEIR work stoppage. Steriod NFL too. Canadian football IS exciting and watchable. Tennis is a great spectator sport for TV. But soccer after motorsport is the largest drawing sport in the world! Given a choice between the clutch-and-grab NHL (if it ever returns) and world ranked soccer, I'll be picking excitement and finesse, soccer.

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