Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fire the Vancouver Police!

I never thought I'd say this, because I think Chief Jim Chu is a nice man, but he is in way over his head and needs to be fired. And all those policemen who are now in Indianapolis analyzing footage of the rioters need to be brought back to Vancouver and put on desk duty. This is not a holiday! What is next? Quantico for FBI profiling? 

It is becoming obvious that something is up, and the Vancouver Police have no idea about how to do their job, nor do the prosecutors, nor does Vancouver Mayor Robertson, nor does the Premier of the Province, Christy Clark. She doesn't want to interfere with justice? Ask her how Gordon Campbell was able to actually STOP a trial when he was about to be implicated. (never mind, that's the old BC Rail scandal again)

It is almost like the Vancouver Police and everyone in a position of authority are trying desperately to avoid charging that doctor's son who turned himself in the next day! And maybe by outwaiting the public they will be able to lose him in the shuffle somewhere! 

There seems to be no reason to study more footage of the rioters except to ID new people discovered to be rioting or looting. Going off to some American facility to enhance whatever pictures they have will only allow the lawyers for the perps to cry photoshop, loud and clear and deny the images as tainted evidence!
What about the rioters who have already admitted guilt? Why are they not even in jail yet! Instead of telling us you will arrest 40 people on October 31st, why not do the Hallowe'en trick right now and arrest them right now! Then another 40 on the 15th. Then another 40 on the 31st! These perps need to start paying their lawyers NOW!  And if their daddys are rich doctors too bad.

The Vancouver police now want the media footage too, and the media will probably resist and there goes more wasted time.
There is a famous picture by a young photographer of thousands of fans before the riot. It is going around as an email and is ultra high resolution. It could be used to ID many of those creeps by comparing them before and during their malicious actions! 
When you have 40 people who have already come forward and admitted guilt, you need to get on with sentencing them. And harshly! The Mayor needs to demand it and Christy Clark needs to stop politicking against the NDP and do something that shows she has some faint idea of what a premier of the province should be doing when the law abiding people have been kicked in the face by the slag!

This lag does nothing to enhance the idea of law and justice, and it is the law and justice who are denigrating themselves. It is like the police, the mayor and the premier are all hoping they can squeeze out of a dilemma by lingering on the sidelines and blaming someone else.

People need to be fired. Now. Start with Jim Chu. Go on to Mayor Robertson,. Finish off with Christy Clark. These three need to be fired. Vancouver and BC will be better for the riddance of all these ineffectual people.
Then we need to build a fire under the asses of the perps and not be satisfied with bitch-slapping them!
The people of BC and Vancouver deserve way better than what they've got!

 Where is Mathew Begbie when we need him?


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